Deerpark Forest Walk

The forest area covers 160 ha of broafleaf , conifer and mixed woodland of variable age classes . Some of the old broadleaf trees were planted by the Marquis of Headfort over 100 years ago.

The park river flows through the property and provides a lovely backdrop for all the trails.
The forest is formerly an old woodland site and a large portion of the property is managed for bio diversity. There are many built heritage features to be found in the forest. The best examples which are along the golden way heritage trail and include, Toberpatrick well, Ladys cottage, Castle boat house, and the metal and stone bridges.


There are three trails in the forest. One is to multi access standard. The Lough Ramor loop of 4.2 Km (one hour and graded easy) takes you along by the park river and the shores of Lough Ramor. The golden way heritage trail is 2.1Km (one hour and graded easy) and incorporates the best of local built heritage and a beautiful biodiverse broadleaf forest with a rich understory of holly, herbs, grasses and naturally regererating trees.

The multi access trail of 1.1 Km, takes you from the car park to the stone bridge across the park river and takes circa one hour.

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March 4, 2015