History of Mullagh Fair

The first fair in the new town was held on 28th March 1828, and, according to Lewis, in 1837, Mullagh had a weekly market and fairs for the sale of cattle and pigs, oats, butter andflax were held on January 29, March 25, May 27, July 29, September 30 and November 25. By 1870 the fair was held on the last Friday of every month.


Before that the fair was held at the Gates of Mullagh about a mile and a half west from the town.


The earliest maps of the town of Mullagh designate the fair green area, and the fair continued to flourish up to the 1960s.


With the advent of the marts it eventually dwindled. The decline of the fairs was possibly most felt by the publicans. Business was so brisk on that day that their profits equalled the total for the rest of the month. The opening of the Mullagh mart in 1957 finally brought to a close a long chapter in the history of Mullagh, since the first charters and licences were granted in 1621.

(Ref: Portrait of a parish)


Fair Day (Present)


The Mullagh Development Committee re-established the Fair Day in 1996 to ensure that the present population kept in touch with their rich historical past. Over the years, it has grown to be one of the largest one day shows in the Northeast with something for young and old alike.


The Fair was cancelled in 2001 due to the Foot & Mouth outbreak as was most agricultural events that year.


All money raised on the Fair Day is reinvested in the community. In the early years, projects such as the village footpaths, the fair green and the lake front were funded directly from the Fair Day.


The Development Committee have also set up a number of sub-committees such as the Mullagh Community Playground Committee and the Mullagh Tidy Towns Committee and have provided both with financial support.


Throughout the years we have given financial assistance to a large number of community organisations. In the last five years alone the Mullagh Development Committee have donated over €150,000 to local clubs and organisations. We look forward to continuing to work with local clubs and organisation to make Mullagh a better place for everyone to live in.