St Kilian’s NS Parents Ass


Presentation of Jerseys

Presentation of Jerseys


What is a Parents Association?

·         The Parents Association is the structure through which parents/guardians in a school can work together for the best possible education for their children.  The Education Act, 1998 sets down the role of the parent association

Role of a Parents’ Association

  • The Parents’ Association works with the principal, staff and the board of management to build effective partnership of home and school.
  • Educational research on the involvement of parents in schools shows that children achieve higher levels when parents and teachers work together.
  • The Parents’ Association can advise the principal and Board of Management on policy issues and incidents that may require a review of school policy, e.g. Bullying, Safety, Homework, Enrolment, Behaviour problems etc.
  • The Parents’ Association is a support for parents in the school.
  • The Parents’ Association is not a forum for complaint against either an individual teacher or parent. The Complaints Procedure is the mechanism for this.
  • The Parents’ Association can invite speakers to address the parents on issues which are topical or relevant.
  • Parents’ Associations can suggest and/or organise extra-curricular activities.
  • The Parents’ Association in conjunction with the principal and Board of Management decide the priorities for fundraising


Who is a member of St. Kilian’s Parents’ Association?  


  • All parents/guardians of children attending St. Kilian’s are automatically deemed to be members of the Parents’ Association and entitled to attend and participate in all meetings and activities.


  • St Kilian’s Parents’ Association normally holds a meeting once a month which usually last approximately one hour. Text and reminder notes are sent out prior to meetings.

What is discussed at the meetings?


In general the meetings follow the format below


  • Review and discuss minutes of previous meeting
  • Discussion of any matters arising from meetings with school principal
  • Report of any fundraising activities that may have taken place
  • Treasurers’ report on Mufti day
  • Hear your ideas about what you would like the parents association to do.
  • Organisation of any forthcoming events
  • Discussion of any National Parents Council Correspondence
  • Any Other Business  What is St. Kilian’s Parents Association Committee?
  • While all parents / guardians of pupils of the school are members of the Association, the majority do not need to be involved in the day to day activities of the association.  It is for this reason that parents elect a committee at the Annual General Meeting.


  • The committee is the team of people who manage the tasks of the parent association on behalf of all the parents in accordance with the rules of the association.


  • The committee has shared responsibility for the following
    • Planning for the future of the parents Association
    • Planning and managing programme of activities for the year
    • Communicating with and involving as many parents as possible in the activities of the parents association
    • Planning agendas and keeping records of meetings
    • Looking after finances
    • Linking with the national parents council.


  • The 2013/2014 committee members are

Elisha O’Reilly         Chairperson

Denis Kelly               Vice Chairperson

Louise Conefrey      Secretary

Linda  Chander        Events / Catering

Caitriona O’Reilly    Treasurer

Bernie Campbell      Treasurer

Caitriona Smith        School Liaison

Collette Smith           School Liaison

Autumn Wirth           PRO

Fiona Conachy        PRO


What has the Parents Association done in the past?


The Parents Association has been heavily involved in organizing and running fundraising activities.

These activities included;

  • Mufti Days
  • Halloween Party / Disco
  • Cake Sale / Carols
  • Christmas & Summer  raffles
  • Table Quiz
  • Sponsored Walk
  • Cake sale / Coffee morningThe money raised from these activities have contributed towards providing the school with
  • white boards in the classrooms,
  • new car park,
  • sports jerseys
  • Fitting out kitchen in the General Purpose room & new Spraoi Unit
  • 6th class end of year events.
  • In the past year the parents association helped both financially and in the organisation of the book rental scheme.The Parents Association have also in the past invited speakers to address the parents on issues which are topical or relevant. Such speakers in the past included Governor John Lonergan and a representative from Cavan Drug Awareness.How can you be involved?


    The Committee works tirelessly throughout the year.  We cannot do this without your support.  We appreciate all the financial support that parents have given us to date but we would also like you to share your ideas and suggestions with us as to how we can improve the work done by the Association in order to achieve the best possible education for our children.  We appeal to you to come along to the meetings and get involved in some small way.



    Please come along, meet other parents and share your ideas.